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LED Solar Stud Light For Road NK-RS-Q7

Body material: PC
Power supply: High efficient solar panel(5V/60mA)
Battery: Lithium battery(3.2V/500mAh)
Resistance: 15T
LED Color: White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green
Size: 114*90*11mm

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LED Solar Stud Light For Road NK-RS-Q7


NOKIN  solar studs absorb the unlimited and free power from the sun about 6-8 hours to supply the LEDs up to 72 hours. the solar stud lights will automatically charge during the daytime and illuminate when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather. Solar studs are not only environmental protection but also saving money, continuous solar energy does it for you. Thank you for your help with the earth!


LED solar stud lights are naturally charged by the sun. As soon as it starts getting dark the LED lights in the solar stud come on automatically each night for up to 10 hours. Solar stud for road has been specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light. Solar road studs are also known as solar raised pavement markers, solar reflective lane markers, and solar warning devices.


LED Solar Stud Light For Road NK-RS-Q7


Key Features of LED solar stud:

  • – Up to 800 meters of visibility.
  • – Reliable all night, all year round performance.
  • – Totally sustainable harnessing free solar energy.
  • – Used where street lighting is either unavailable, not cost-effective or environmentally impossible.
  • – Maintenance-free
  • – Self-contained surface mounted.
  • – The thickness only 11mm.


The Specification of  solar stud light for road:

Body material PC
Power supply The high efficient solar panel(5V/60mA)
Battery Lithium battery(3.2V/500mAh)
LED Ultra-bright diameter 5mm( 6pcs)
LED color Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
working mode Recharging at day and working automatically at night
Flashing mode Blinking or constant
(charging at daytime and working automatically at night)
Life Span 5years for Lithium battery;
Waterproof IP68
Visual distance >500m
Working temperature: -20°C-80°C
Load capacity >15T
Size 114*90*11mm
Weight 120g


Ultra Thin PC Solar Stud Light For Road


The thickness of this ultra-thin solar stud light is only 11mm, thinner than traditional solar stud lights whose thickness is usually 20-30mm. When people walk or ride through PC solar stud light, they will feel smoother, less prone to tripping, and feel less bumpy. This solar studs for road are most commonly used in parks or sidewalks.

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