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Highway Aluminum Solar Road Stud in South Africa


Solar road stud work in a good way above the road. Since the LED solar road stud are light-emitting devices, these solar studs come in many different colors, such as green, red, and amber.
Solar road studs are embedded in the road surface. Even in harsh weather conditions, the solar spike devices convey information to the driver about the direction of the road.

Highway solar road studs can also help increase road traffic volume. Solar studs has made a great contribution to improving traffic safety. These solar road studs are the highest possible way to get some reliability on those usually busy roads.

Highway Aluminum Solar Road Stud in South Africa
Highway Aluminum Solar Road Stud in South Africa

On South Africa’s highways, Nokin aluminum solar road studs were installed on both sides of the highway, it is an aluminum raised solar road stud that loading capacity is 30 tons and IP68 waterproof. Can be widely used on highways, city roadsides, intersections, sidewalks, farms, tunnels, airports, ports, parking lots, warnings of trucks as well as decorations of bridges, courtyards, squares, parks, etc.

highway solar road stud
highway solar road stud


The features of Highway Aluminum Solar Road Stud A6-1:

-Solar road stud A6-1 is rechargeable by solar panels during the day and automatically lights up when it darkens, eco-friendly and ecological solar system; each led road stud emits led light back and forward, in 2 directions with 3 bulbs on each side.
-LED solar studs Waterproof is perfect for outdoor use under severe environment with rainstorm, snow with IP68; static pressure resistance is up to 30t, highly protected from heavy vehicles and it can endure hotness/coldness from -4°F to 158 °F, highly resistant to temperature variety.
-Under the sun, the battery is fully charged in 8 hours and when it’s cloudy, it takes around 10 hours to fill it up and when the night falls, it lights up automatically and keep lighting in 72hours /3 days once it has stored the sun energy sufficiently.
-Heavy duty aluminum solar road stud A6-1 is perfect for severe environment, and you can install it on any ground where they can absorb the sunlight directly without wiring. No wiring operation is needed and you can mount it on the wall, deck or path way by bolts.***Notes: Please prepare φ5mm bolts to install it.
-LED solar road stud for safety is widely used in highways, corners, petrol stations, highway entrances and exits, country roads, parking lot, garage, road, path, for outdoor use to show the way for safety in the darkness.