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Green Round Solar Stud Lights for Roundabout in Romania


Solar stud is a kind of road stud placed along the road. Solar studs can be lit at night or in rain and fog, indicating the direction of the road. The solar studs are usually used on roads, but can you imagine they can still be installed on a roundabout? Our Romanian client offers a successful case.




PC round solar studs purchased by Romanian customers are installed at roundabouts and with prominent road obstacles to alert vehicles to road traffic at night. The custom solar stud light has 10 LED beads, with six on both sides designed to shine, while four on the other sides twinkle. Romanian customers chose both green and yellow solar signposts.

This PC Round led solar stud uses high quality LED at night to provide maximum visibility. You can easily install the led solar stud to the ground using 2 screws and fixed plugs. The material of LED roadmap is PC, and LED color is yellow, blue, red, white and green.

green solar stud on roundabouts
green solar stud on roundabouts


This PC round solar stud light can also be used for sharp bends, dangerous curves, crosswalk / shelters, concrete traffic islands, center/dividers, bike lanes, speed bumps, combination lanes, roundabouts, guardrails, narrow bridges, intersections and much more.